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What’s the catch? In other words, why do we provide free job postings? Ultimately we would like some of our users to see value in the paid version of the HireScore Talent Portal. The HireScore Talent Portal is the platform used to report and rank job applicants and it is a thing of beauty to those who understand hiring. It allows you to utilize the best industrial psychology and decision science assessment and selection techniques in a fair, easy, cost effective manner. The value of the HireScore Talent Portal is easier to see when you see all that the free version has to offer. It’s important to note, however, that the free version is more than a test drive. It is a fully functioning service, and many users will use the free version forever . . . which is completely acceptable. The paid version of the HireScore Talent Portal is intensely customized to your organization and your jobs. It automatically rank orders your candidates using learning algorithms that weight assessment results appropriately and learns from successes and failures (yours and other clients). Assessments may include a wide variety of scored applications, personality assessments, work style measures, and third party tests, in addition to validated interviews and hands-on work simulations. If you would like specific information on these tools please contact us.

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